Insight update

I’ll periodically be bringing you a summary of the latest comments and insights from Mr. Schlafly.

Here is a rundown of the most recent ones, as gleaned from Conservapedia and other public sources:

  • Mr. Schlafly continues to work on a list of Conservative TV shows, which promote our values and are recommended for watching.
    He recently bumped “The Office” to #2 on the list, primarily for its “willingness to mock liberals,” which is unusual on major shows.
    No other presidential candidates have so far commented on the moral and political values of TV shows.
  • Mr. Schlafly shared good news about his home state of New Jersey today – that it pulled out of a liberal greenhouse gas arrangement.
    There likely wouldn’t even have been such a program in place in the first place had Mr. Schlafly ran for office earlier.
  • Mr. Schlafly added a new word to his list of Conservative Words. It’s “underachiever,” coined in 1952 to describe a (typically liberal)
    person who fails to accomplish what he could. This term could certainly be used to describe many of Mr. Schlafly’s opponents in the
    presidential race!

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One response to “Insight update

  1. Kenneth DeMyer

    This is good news regarding Mr Schlafly’s campaign regarding the presidency of the USA. In regards to this website, I recommend that you include the poster made by a certain gentleman on a certain website beginning with ‘R’. Ole ole ole!

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